Choosing A Church

We would love for you to dive in at CCF and join the adventure God has us on.  That being said, we equally want to help you find the church that is the best fit for you.
So what factors should you look at when making a decision like this?
Below are some key things to consider.

  • Location- Is the church close enough to where you live that participation would be realistic?
  • Needs- Does the church meet the needs you and your family have?
  • Style- Does the music, teaching, and body style match you, or are you comfortable with them?
  • Beliefs- What do they believe?  Where do they stand on key Biblical positions?  Where do they stand on relevant cultural issues that matter to you?  *though the website might be helpful, nothing beats a cup of coffee with a pastor to talk through whatever you want to know about.
  • Connections- Are there places you can serve or grow within the church?
  • Questions, Questions, Questions- Nothing is off limits.  Any question you have (finances, ministry structure, future plans) should be open for you to ask.  Once again, a cup of coffee with a pastor talking about whatever is important to you is time well spent.

First, no church is perfect, including CCF.  The above questions will hopefully help you look at the big picture in order to make a quality decision.

We would love to help you unpack these anytime you’re ready.
Just call the office or email to ask Kristin to set you up with a meeting with any one of our Pastors or Ministry Directors.