Elexio Data Security & Integrity FAQ

Below are answers to higher level security questions you might have.  In our selection of a database system, we chose Elexio partially due to their robust and extremely intentional security platform.

Where does the database reside?  There is a cloud copy of a church’s database on our servers as well as several synchronized offline copies on the church’s equipment if they choose to have them. Our cloud is highly-available, fully redundant setup. Our data colocation facility is in a state-of-the-art location in Ashburn, Virginia.

Does Elexio do its own cloud hosting or is it resident in a third party cloud solution? (i.e. Amazon Web Services)  Elexio operates a private cloud environment.

What are the technical details of the backend solution?  Our technology stack is Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server, IIS, C#, ASP.NET.

Who has access to our data?  Only authorized Elexio support personnel have access to your data.

How is the data secured in transport and at rest?  The data in encrypted during transport and then stored on private networks that aren’t accessible to public networks.

How is the ChMS solution secured from malicious activity? (i.e. hackers)  This is not a single event, but an ongoing progressive solution using supporting frameworks and security software. Elexio has experienced no successful hacks to date. Penetration testing is done on a routine basis.