Elexio FAQ’s

What is Elexio?

CCF has a tool that’s used to communicate with the church. It’s called Elexio, an industry standard, secure user platform that is extremely helpful for the administrative staff, and offers lots of useful features for our church body. Of the many new features it offers, a few key ones are:

  • Profile/Contact Updates: You are in control of the accuracy of your information.  You can easily update your personal information by simply logging in and changing your profile at any time. This saves the church a lot of time keeping track of ever-changing information.
  • Event Registration: Since your basic information is stored within the database, event registration is easy! Simply find the event, select the person who will attend, and follow the prompts to complete the registration. If the event has a fee, you will also be able to pay online.
  • Connect With the Body: The database will allow users to access a phone number or email address of other CCF members.   But the database will securely block that information from individuals who do not have permission to view our member roster.
  • Give Online: When logged in, you will be able to easily handle financial gifts to the church.  Elexio interfaces with a third-party financial organization that securely handles financial transactions and information.  No credit cards or financial data are stored in our church database. Also, please remember that it is FINE to continue giving by cash or check, the old fashioned way. Online giving is just for convenience and especially for engaging younger members of our congregation.
  • View Giving History: You will also be able to view your financial giving history at any time through your user’s account.

Creating an Account

To create an account, click on the LOGIN on the top right of this page.  From there, follow the instructions to create a new account.
Need step by step instructions?  Here is a PDF of the Elexio 101 process.  Super easy!
We have also created this instructional video for people who are more visual learners. 

Frequently? Asked Questions

No doubt you have questions regarding this new tool. Below are several FAQ’s for questions people often ask.

  • Why does the church have a database? Like most organizations, we communicate with people and organize folks into groups. A database helps us keep track of who’s who! We use our database to handle mailings and emails, track financial statements, organize ministry teams, help people register for events, and keep track of the many people visiting CCF. Our new system performs all these functions with elegance.
  • Is my data safe? We take the security of your information very seriously and so does Elexio. To read the details and protocols of their intentional security, please visit our Elexio Security Page.
  • How do I access/create an account? The easiest way to gain access is to create an account using the primary email address CCF has for you. Use the email address from which you have received communications from CCF in the past. Click the LOGIN button on the top right of this page and create an account using that email address. You will be required to create a password, which you will always use when accessing your account. If you are new to CCF, you can create a new user account the same way. Just fill in the form with your family information.
    New users have limited access to other member’s information until they are validated and given directory access.
  • How do I update my information? One you have accessed/created an account, you will see the information our database has for you. Update any incorrect information and click the “Save My Changes” button on the top left of the page.
  • Is all of my personal information available to anyone? As a default your data is available to other members of the church through a secure login, however you are in control of what information the rest of the church body sees. Though we don’t encourage it, you can opt out of the directory. Additionally, you can make phone numbers and email addresses inaccessible to others if you wish. In our efforts to help the body connect, we do not advise this, but have left the option available to you.
  • How much of my personal information can I control? All of it! You no longer need to call the office or send an email if your personal information changes. You have 100% control of your information and we trust that you will help us keep it current.
  • CCF Smartphone app – With this database system, CCF now has a smartphone app available at the Apple App store and Google Play store. Simply search for ccfedmonds and you will see our pretty red app! Download it, open the app, and enter your email address and password to unlock all of its features.
  • Is there a difference between the online account and mobile app? The online portal and smartphone app both have many of the same features (the ones listed above). The only exception is that you cannot update your profile information through the APP. You can see it, but you must log into the online account to make changes to your profile.