CCF creates disciples of Jesus by teaching the Bible, training up children, engaging students and adults, supporting community impact, and showing benevolent care to the hurting.

But this is not why we give.  We invite you to give because:
Giving Is Worship- God was the first Giver, providing for His people.  In response, He calls His people to give freely and generously to Him as an act of worship.  When the church does this with joy, we demonstrate our dependence on God for all good things.

Giving is Good for Us- Jesus tells us that it is more blessed to give than receive.  He also calls us to lay up treasures in heaven.  When we do this, we more closely align our lives to that of Jesus, plus, we glorify God as our Provider.  We hurt ourselves by repeatedly putting our own needs first.

If you are not regularly giving out of the first portion of your income, now is the time to begin; it is an important part of Christian discipleship.  All Christians are invited to pray and ask God how much to give and where monies should be directed.  For most, a significant portion of their gifts and tithes are given to the local church where they worship and grow.
As our faith matures, it is likely that our giving will also expand as we learn to trust God more deeply.

How to give- You can give a check or cash during our worship services, or bring financial gifts to the church office at any time.  Additionally, you can give securely online through your elexio account.