God invites each of us to have an impact in our community and the world.

The Bible tells us that “God so loved the world” (John 3:16) and we get to be the hands and feet of Jesus, showing them His love!

We do this through serving and sharing with others.

At CCF we call this activity Community Impact , or c-Impact.
We define c-Impact as: “Using our time, resources, and experiences to build up the church and minister to the world.”

Clearly stated in the definition, we value service that builds up the church, and ministers to the world.    The language and images we often use arein arrows (activity that builds up the church), and out arrows (activities that reach out to our community or the world).  Both are necessary and we encourage both equally.
If there are any upcoming "out arrows" activities, they will be listed to the right.
To see the available "in arrows" opportunities, please check out 2017 Serve & Connect Booklet.

Is there fruit that results from serving in Community Impact? 

We consistently see two great things happen through service in c-Impact.

  1. People Connect: We see people with like passions serve side-by-side and build deep friendships.  What begins as similar interests often grows into relationships where people enjoy serving together and supporting each other in their faith as well as the activity at hand (John 17:20-24).
  2. God’s Work Gets Done: When people work together, God’s work is accomplished and celebrated together!

The desire of our church is that everyone would ultimately ask the question, “Where is Jesus leading me?” With each of us following God’s leading we believe His work will be accomplished and we will grow through our “fully relying” on Him in the process.

Do you know where you might fit?  If not, call the church office.  Someone would love to grab coffee with you and help you discern where best to jump in!



In addition to individually finding our place, we are eager to partner with those serving around the world.
Check out our list of global mission partners HERE.


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