Our Map

Our Map works much like any other map you might use in every day life.
It is a tool to help you navigate and get to where you want to be.

Our Map shows the key “environments” within CCF.CCFMap transp_FINAL copy

Our Map includes:
Community Celebration- Gathering together for worship, prayer, celebration and engaging God’s Word.
Community Groups- People encouraging one another and being disciples together.
Community Impact- Using our time, resources, and experiences to build up the Church and minister to the world.
Community Learning- Classes, seminars, and other learning environments where we are equipped for a life of faith.

As you might expect, each environment serves a unique purpose and therefore will be used by God to produce a different fruit or outcome in your life.
As an example, those participating in a c-Learning class will grow in understanding on a specific topic.  On the other hand, those united in a c-Impact environment will accomplish something tangible together.
We believe that maturing disciples will need a variety of opportunities, according to the season of their development, to continue growing spiritually.

In light of our mission to help each other fully rely on God, we encourage everyone to continually pursue the environments where God is leading them.