Servant Project 2017

There are not many experiences in life that you absolutely know will change you forever. But a trip to another country, purely motivated by service to God, is one of them. In fact, a short-term missions experience will create many opportunities to put into practice a lifestyle that we, as Christians, are called to. This year’s team will be challenged and stretched in their faith and willingness to follow where God leads. It is such a blessing to see students engage in the process of growth that God has for all of us. The students at Community Christian Fellowship are discovering what it means to be on mission for God, serving their neighbors and each other like Jesus did! I am confident that they will be forever changed, and will see God at work like never before!

  1. There are many ways we can serve you! Here are a few ideas:
    Babysitting, Carwash/Vacuum, Cooking, Housework, Yard Work.

           Choose the service you want, OR create your own

  1. Schedule with:
    Torin Dooley:
    phone (206) 445-5907

         Dave Jordan: email
                                     phone (206) 713-3899

       3. Please be prepared to tell them:

What service you need

What day is best for you

What time the team should be there

How long you expect the project will take

How many people you need

Your address, phone number, and e-mail

Specify any additional items needed

4.  The person you schedule with will send a confirmation e-mail

The Team serves you!


We are raising funds to cover the cost of our short-term
mission trip to Managua, Nicaragua; July 7-July 15, 2017.

Cost of the trip to Nicaragua is $1,600-$1,800 per person.

If you choose to contribute, please make your checks payable to “Community Christian Fellowship,” then place your check in a sealed envelope and give it to the student team when they finish the job. You may also mail your check to “CCF, 615 Glen Street, Edmonds WA 98020.”

Please note: contributions are not payment for the service provided, but rather a tax-deductible gift toward the trip.

Here is the recap video from last year’s trip: