My Story

Life comes to us in story.
Even the Bible is primarily a string of stories.  It connects the lives of various people and how their “smaller stories”intersected God’s larger story with purpose and redemption.

Beginning in the fall of 2017 we started sharing “our story” in our worship services.  Our desire in this was to cultivate openness about who we really are and better understand what walking with Jesus has been like for us.  We believe life change is the business God is about and our lives are the canvas for his amazing work.
As a church it is our desire to be open about who we were, how we met Jesus, what early faith looked like, and what faith looks like today.  It’s our belief that sharing our story is worship (because it ultimately tells of His goodness) and is encouraging to the church (because it shares the imperfection of our faith, but ultimately highlights God’s faithfulness).

You have a story to tell.
Have you ever considered writing down your story to share it with others?  This Document (My Story) will walk you through a simple process of thinking about your story and capturing it on paper.  It’s pretty exciting to know your story and…when you’re ready… share your story to honor God and encourage others!

Below are recordings of past “My Story” offerings:

James Johnson

Daniel Schofield

Angie Smith