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Prayer Days

March 27-28

All Sessions will be on Zoom.  Link will be emailed to all CCF members.

See below the time, leader, and topics for prayer


Mon (Mar 27)

6:00 AM   Brian Boone   Praising God

7:00 AM   Eric Malone    Children's Ministry

8:00 AM    Phil Kono       Experiencing God - Turkiye

9:00 AM    James Eldred Community Groups

10:00 AM   Karlee Birt     Local Schools and Students

11:00 AM   Barb Larkin   Jacobs Well

12:00 PM   Jim DuBois   Men's Ministry

1:00 PM    Peter Nordlund  Supported Missionaries

2:00 PM     Robin Scribner  Beloveds - Widows, widowers

3:00 PM    Robin Scribner  Prodigals

4:00 PM    Brian Boone  Edmonds Churches

5:00 PM    Brian Luke   CCF Deacons

6:00 PM   Melanie Sturgeon  City of Seattle/ Region

7:00 PM   Nick Marnejon  Student Ministries

8:00 PM   Eric Malone        Vacation Bible Adventure (VBA)

Tues (Mar 28)

6:00 AM   Eric Malone   Nicaragua

7:00 AM   Phil Kono       Persecuted Church - Turkiye

8:00 AM   Peter Nordlund  Supported Missionaries

9:00 AM   Darryl Roosendaal  CCF Staff

10:00 AM  Brian Johnston    Elders

11:00 AM  Cathy and Rip Van Winkle   Prayer Team

12:00 PM  Eric Malone   Children's Ministry

1:00 PM   Veronica Cooper  Revival

2:00 PM   Brian Boone   Edmonds Center for the Arts (ECA)

3:00 PM    Nick Marnejon  My Relational Networks

4:00 PM   Cyndi Andis   Edmonds City

5:00 PM   James Eldred   Worship Team

6:00 PM   David Preston  Local Elected Officials

7:00 PM   Denise Boone  Women's Ministry

8:00 PM    Brian Boone    Praising God through Revelation

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