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Historic Coastal District

Turkey 2024

Student Ministries Short Term Mission

June 30 - July 10   (Ten Days)

$2800 (triple occupancy)

The Student Ministries are headed to Turkey!  This is the perfect trip for students and some parents.  Join us for this special missions trip which will focus on three key areas.

  1. Learn about the ancient roots of our faith.  You will see where the book of Acts happened! We will visit two ruins where the gospel was preached and churches formed.

  2. Appreciate Turkish culture.  We will dive in!  Music, food, markets, mosques.  You name it.  If it is part of Turkish culture, we will explore in order to better understand our Turkish friends.

  3. Partner with Turkish Christians.  We will learn from Christians in two churches where we have ongoing partnerships.  We will stay with them, worship with them, hear stories of how they came to faith and also how more and more Turks are turning to Jesus.

  • Visit the key church that was the focal point of Christian faith for hundreds of years

  • See the city where Paul preached and planted the church of Ephesus

  • Meet Turkish friends and ministry partners

  • Pray throughout Turkey for the spread of the gospel

  • Eat fantastic Turkish food

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