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Here’s a set of questions we are frequently asked.

Does CCF belong to a denomination?

CCF does not belong to a denomination. We began as a Biblical church years ago with an elder-led leadership structure. Please consult our leadership page for a more complete explanation. We value our network with other churches in the area and are eager to partner in activities across denominations.

Where does the church hold worship services?

The church normally holds Sunday services at the Edmonds Center for the Arts (410 4th Ave N, Edmonds). 

The ECA is a beautiful 700 seat auditorium that is used for concerts and community activities throughout the week, but is our worship center on Sundays and for special services. The church uses the CCF-owned Ministry Center for all other mid-week activities. The Ministry Center is immediately across the street from the Edmonds Center for the Arts at 615 Glen Street.

What should I wear to church?


We are a diverse bunch with a mixture of people in jeans and a fleece, others in khakis and a dress shirt, sprinkled with the occasional Seahawks jersey or sports coat. You’ll fit in fine however you are dressed!

What kind of children’s programs are available on Sundays?

A quality group of staff and volunteers provide a safe and caring environment for the children. Additionally, we take their safety and security very seriously. We have a clear drop off/pick up policy for all children, as well as a security team who patrol the Ministry Center all morning. During the worship services there is Nursery care for Infants and Walkers, as well as classes for Preschoolers and Elementary age kids.

On the first Sunday of each month, children in kindergarten through 6th grade join their parents in “big church” as an opportunity to learn first-hand what worship, prayer, and hearing God’s word is all about. We take communion during this service and consider the presence of the kids with us trying to “engage” everyone as we worship and learn together.

If you are visiting for the first time, we recommend arriving 15 minutes early to check your kids into our secure children’s activities.

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What is the worship style at CCF?

CCF music is modern with a mix of some oldies and is led by musicians from within our body. Our style is similar to what you might hear on a popular Christian radio station. CCF embraces modern worship songs, as well as hymns and praise songs from the past. We seek to embrace worship that brings generations together and helps the younger and older seek God together.

About how many attend CCF?


About 250 attend our worship services with another 75 in the children’s programs.

How can I learn more about CCF?

Here are a few easy ways to learn more about us…

  • You can poke around the website. We have organized a ton of content right here for you to check out at your leisure.

  • Have specific questions? Call the church office (425) 744-0160 and someone from our staff would love to grab coffee with you and talk about whatever is on your heart.

What is the most important thing at CCF?

We help people become maturing disciples of Jesus.  This involves the way you interact with God, your family, and people around you every day.

This includes people coming to know Jesus for the first time and those who have known him for many years but are still going deeper.  Maturing disciples – that’s what matters to us.

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